Relatable ADHD gifs on Giphy

The following is a fun selection of ADHD related gifs I’ve come across over time on Giphy! Endless scrolling for those dopamine hits. Caffeine makes me drowsy Me jumping through mental obstacles every waking minute living with ADHD I really don’t know. I just make it up as I go… I dunno how to notContinue reading “Relatable ADHD gifs on Giphy”

Jenn has ADHD Rabbit Holes 1

This could probably be more successful as a Tumblr post but here we are. I was in a bit of a rabbit hole today as I was looking at some new music videos. Then the recommendations took me on a journey. I also added a few links that got on my radar this month, hopefullyContinue reading “Jenn has ADHD Rabbit Holes 1”

Netflix Christmas movies for buffering or staring at your phone, 2021

It’s that time of the year, and my executive function is running low and it’s still November. So I thought I might decompress with some movies that I don’t have to “think to hard” on, get easy dopamine hits and some holiday spirit in there too. So I thought, Christmas movies on Netflix must haveContinue reading “Netflix Christmas movies for buffering or staring at your phone, 2021”