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Please note that I cannot provide medical advice or psychiatric care, I am just a peer support person and mental health advocate. If you need peer support please check out my Facebook group peer support space, We have ADHD.

Do you have a peer asks question for the Jenn has ADHD Facebook page?
Please go ahead and use the form below or e-mail:

– all support questions remain private, including e-mail it is just part of the form sending process via the website, no information here is collected by me or a third party.

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Hey everyone regarding peer asks questions, please understand that some questions aren’t something I can post because they are questions you really should be having with a medical professional. Those are especially related to self-medication or asking for advice on which medication to take. These aren’t appropriate for me to share and could be detrimental to a person’s well being.Please also be aware this is a public page. If you want a private peer support question you can post anonymously in We have ADHD (Note this group is for ADHDers only).

— All submissions are for consideration only because of the volume of e-mails I cannot post them all and it may or may not take a couple of days to see your question come up.
Please be patient and thank you for sending in your words, I read them but also do not have time to reply to every individual e-mail thank you.

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