About Jenn has ADHD

It’s a me, Mario!

Hi my name is Jenn and I have ADHD.

Jenn has ADHD is a blog promoting ADHD awareness and advocacy through peer support. This started off with the intent of advocating for my own ADHD and to learn more about it. To share that with others but has become what it is now, today as I type this I have reached 18 thousand followers on Facebook, which means I can reach more people and help end the stigma about ADHD and bring awareness about adult ADHD and it’s many presentations.

ADHD is highly stigmatized with it’s media representation, treatment and validity. All being bought to the attention of people everywhere, yet those living with ADHD still struggle to find or access the help they need to live a quality life with this sometimes very debilitating neuro developmental disorder. The world mostly believes that ADHD is just for kids.

I want this to change. People struggle to get diagnosed. To get accommodations to study. Access to medication. Have the materials to understand their own diagnosis. Get specialized therapy or coaching at an affordable price. Have their neuro type taken as a real medical condition. And often lose their jobs and have career and personal life issues all because they have untreated ADHD.

Through promoting peer support as a form learning about ADHD I hope more and more people like myself living with this will also learn more about how to live a better quality life alongside their neuro divergent brain. There is a big journey ahead of us all to get the representation and autonomy we deserve for our mental health and that’s what this whole idea of mine is about!

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