All my shameless ADHD hacks that really should be shameless!

All my Shameless ADHD hacks that really should be Shameless!
By Jenn has ADHD

(Note, these are written as entertainment but also based on lived experience, hey if these legit work for you, be Shameless like me because you deserve whatever wellness that comes easy, it shouldn’t have to be so hard to just be!)

– Wear tomorrow’s clothes to bed, especially exercise gear if I plan to work out first thing.

– Using an electric toothbrush because regular brushing is boring.

– Messy hair buns left in for days at least my hair is styled, they’ll never know it’s intentions, is it styled today or last week, only I will know for sure.

– Just wear odd socks if no one can see them (or if you are shameless like me people can still see them).

– Eat food straight out the jar. Congratulate yourself on putting nutrition in your body. If I’m not up to cooking, pickles and cheese are my friends! (Carbs, Protein and Fat!)

– Writing a list of my small wins instead of a to do list, no one needs that kinda pressure. I function much better with full autonomy.

– Slide on shoes are fine in all weather, just wear socks!

– Using music and podcasts to achieve literally anything in a day, shamelessly do nothing on days I don’t have music that I’m feeling, or a new podcast to listen to. Today’s my day off!

– Normalize having a spam email address I never check or clear. But use it to sign up to all those deals I’ll never use, cause one day, I might!

– Let the rain rewash my clothes, they’ve been drying for 2 days, 4 won’t really hurt…

– Put off stuff I don’t wanna do while procrastinating on things I’d rather do but are still important is a win. Because often future me will appreciate the effort to get stuff done even if it’s not the right thing.


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Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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