50 Stranger Things gifs that explain my neurodivergent life perfectly

If you’ve been running up any hills lately with your understanding of ADHD, here’s some gifs I found super relatable from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things

(Sources are linked to the gif image. Please note this is for entertainment purposes only.)


1. What I hear when I haven’t been able to follow a conversation

2. Being secretive for no real reason

3. When my social meter runs out and I have to cancel my plans

4. Unsure of social cues in other people’s tone

5. Being unable how to share my feelings when I really need to

6. Noticing patterns others miss or don’t care about

7. Misunderstanding levels of friendship

8. Accepting that I don’t share the interests or ideas of what might be typical for my age

9. Struggling to have people take my mental health struggles seriously enough for diagnosis

10. When my favourite tune I’ve had on repeat for weeks takes me out of a bad place

11. Not knowing how to ask for help when I need it

12. School wasn’t exactly my safe place

13. What it’s like when people are trying to get my attention

14. When I’m overthinking things and my friends notice

15. Some environments are really overwhelming and send me into a meltdown

16. Forgetting to eat for hours till I’m practically ravenous when I finally remember

17. Generally eating faster than everyone else

18. Struggling to wake up even when my alarms have gone off

19. Needing white noise to sleep or concentrate

20. Having very specific sensory needs

21. Being an outside the box thinker and inventing up things that I enjoy creating

22. Bursting into song or dropping lyrics in conversation

23. Getting into trouble from bring misunderstood

24. Having no idea what was just being said

25. Trouble blocking out unwanted distractions and keeping focused on what I’m looking at

26. When I hear people chewing

27. Wanting to know stuff about all the things

28. Impatience or getting anxious about being late

29. Good with coming up with ideas on the spot

30. When someone touches my piles

31. Me connecting ideas together others can’t see how

32. Having interests that others don’t understand

34. Human lie detector

35. Wearing my sunglasses even inside

36. Turning down invites for socializing

37. Willing to take risks

38. Having one favourite food I always need to eat

39. Rule breaker. Because rules are made to be broken.

40. Getting a fright or startled more easily

41. I don’t know

42. Having a hard time reading

43. Never tell me the odds, cause I have dyscalculia and I cannot math

44. My brains perseverating thoughts

45. What I look like when I’m deep in thought

46. Being visibly more animated than others are typically

47. Me trying to get myself started on a task

48. When someone interrupts my hyperfocus

49. Stim dancing in my bedroom to self regulate

50. Finding other neurodivergent friends who understand my experiences


Published by Jenn has ADHD

Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer. jennhasadhd.com

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