Relatable ADHD gifs on Giphy

The following is a fun selection of ADHD related gifs I’ve come across over time on Giphy!

Endless scrolling for those dopamine hits.

Caffeine makes me drowsy

Me jumping through mental obstacles every waking minute living with ADHD

I really don’t know. I just make it up as I go…

I dunno how to not be ADHD!

I’m in trouble 😅

Forever chasing those sweet neurotransmitters..

I got so much I need to do… halp!

Some days just be like that…

Me trying to get my ADHD brain to do the thing!

I’m kind of a hot mess

Me changing my career for the 7th time

Being overwhelmed like

A whole mood

So much pressure!

Sensory overload

When your fidgets become life skills

My sense of time..

Working memory be like:

Forever looking for something

Please brain!

I wish I was diagnosed as a child and had medication

Me finding a new hyperfixation

No, I’m not ready!

Sometimes it’s really not my fault!!

When everything you’ve learned finally comes together



Published by Jenn has ADHD

Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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