Words to support people with their mental health

Supportive responses you can offer to people about their mental health isn’t always easy, especially when we are navigating our own yet still want to be there for those that we care about or for anyone who might need it, you never know – these are useful because it’s really sympathetic and open language, I know I appreciate it a lot when people say things like this to me and give me space to make words or express what is happening for me in my time of need. It also helps me to check in with myself too!

– I might not understand, but I am here for you.

– What would you like me to know about your illness

– Would you like advice or would you like me to just listen?

– Thank you for opening up to me, I appreciate your trust in me

– What do you need from me, is there a way for me to help you?

– I love you, I am here if you need me

– It’s OK to feel this way right now

– I hear you

– I am proud of you

– I’m not going to leave you

– Is there something I can stop doing that could help?

– If you need to vent, I am here to listen

– It’s OK to not be OK today

– You don’t need to share your feelings right now, I can just be here if you want

– Even if it seems other people might have it worse, your experiences and feelings are still valid

– I’m here to support you in any way I can

– You are loved and you are lovable


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