The 6 R’s of Stress Management

The Six R’s for Stress Management(for cognitive therapy)

The six R’s of stress management is a useful tool of self reflection we can keep in our mental health tool box. If you would like to learn more about cognitive behavioural therapy click here.

– you are in control! (yes you!)
– establish what your priorities are
– it’s okay to say ‘no’!

– know what your stress triggers are
– know your stress symptoms & early warning signs
– check the balance in your life (environment too)

– do something you find enjoyable
– schedule ‘time out’ and do it
– allocate specific time to worry (put limits around it)

– maintain supportive relationships
– spend time with positive people
– don’t forget to develop your relationship with yourself

– eat a balanced diet & do more physical stretching
– moderate or eliminate caffeine, nicotine etc
– keep hydrated, drink your daily requirement of water

– Have fun, live your best life
– laugh, make it silly, let your hair out, frolic
– enjoy you, celebrate yourself


Published by Jenn has ADHD

Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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