We have ADHD Posting Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read our posting guidelines. These rules have been created for the health and safety of everyone in our group and to preserve our group/community culture.

It is also to help people quickly access support they may need and also feel like they have a place that is a sanctuary to freely talk about their mental health.

If in doubt please use the keywords, Admin, Mod, Moderator or @ directly to an admin or mod for assistance, please seek assistance from us first before engaging in problematic posts so you avoid potentially breaking the posting guidelines and rules also. Thank you!

(updated 02/06/2023)


This is a community where we value mutual respect and support. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here. That’s why we ask you to follow some simple guidelines when you post or comment. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

We encourage the ‘THINK’ approach to posts. Before you post or comment, ask yourself:

T – Is it true?

H – Is it helpful?

I – Is it inspiring?

N – Is it necessary?

K – Is it kind?

If the answer is YES, then go ahead and share your thoughts. If the answer is NO, then please reconsider your words. We want this community to be a positive and constructive space for everyone.

See GUIDE ONE for more information:

Self-diagnosis via own research is acceptable in our community.
We appreciate that access to formal diagnosis is a privilege, expensive and sometimes not even possible.

Any sentiment against self-diagnosis is unacceptable.

• Please do not use profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language towards other members. Creative expression is OK, but keep it reasonable, use common sense.

• Please do not “troll” or post deliberately disruptive statements to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track.

• Please do not post inappropriate content that does not contribute to the purpose of our online community.

• Tough love is not needed here, we get enough of that in real life.

• Please reply to posts with the OP at heart, we are here to support the OP’s perspective as peers.


– This is a ADHD peer-led, ADHD peer support group
– Please do not post irrelevant links/topics
– All posts relate to ADHD in some form
Requests for ADHD peer support only, Please!

See GUIDE ONE for more information: https://www.facebook.com/…/WeHaveADHD/learning_content/…


Any other type of post will be declined or removed as spam.
Please observe the rules on ‘Bemoaning’ and Shit posting.

Because this is a peer support group, posts or comments suggesting unsolicited medical advice is a group offense and goes against the nature of this group. Keep it from lived experience only.



It’s not healthy for your brain or ours. Let’s try not to always focus on ADHD weaknesses. If you must bemoan, turn it into a ‘request’. At the top of your post write: ‘Workaround Wanted’ – Please don’t complain about the group or Modmin team by hijacking others’ posts. If you need help, submit a post as per GUIDE THREE – Posts that are not asking questions for peer support go in our weekly vent threads. Find them by Searching: #VentThread or #BrainDump

See GUIDE TWO for more information: https://www.facebook.com/…/WeHaveADHD/learning_content/…

We want everyone to feel supported – so please consider what you are asking from the group, how can we help you as an ADHD peer?

Please observe the rules on No Hate speech and bullying and No med shaming.

Example: “I am struggling with _______, do you have any advice?”
“Work around wanted: I need help with this ______”.

Topics like weight-loss, anorexia, self harm, suicide, death and other forms of bereavement or similar potentially upsetting or distressing topics – they must have content warnings.
Please refer to the recommended posting format at the bottom of the post.



– Make sure everyone feels safe
– Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated
This is a peer support group, please keep that in the heart of your interactions
– Answer the OP question in support of them, we are not here to judge our peers
No Tough Love advice, we get enough of that in our offline lives

See GUIDE ONE for more information: https://www.facebook.com/…/WeHaveADHD/learning_content/…


• Guidelines for talking about religion:

You are welcome to talk about your faith in the comments as part of your identity.

But as a topic of debate and telling others what to do is not.
Please respect that we are a diverse group from all over the world.

• Guidelines for talking about politics/social politics

(Racism, Classicism, Fascism, Ableism, Sexism etc etc)
We have ADHD is an intersectional mental health support page.
We acknowledge that politics and religion are part of self identity and impact our ADHD and mental health.

However – discussion around this needs to relate directly to mental health support.

Please observe all our other rules and consider before posting.

Am I adding to a conversation or narrative that needs to be discussed in a peer based environment?

Please appreciate: Some people find these topics incredibly upsetting and triggeringkeep that in mind that people come to this group to get away from these topics.

Please observe rules around being kind, keeping on topic and bemoaning.



– Respect that everyone decides to look after their well-being in their own way
Admin will not tolerate Coercing or Med Shaming of any kind
No anti-science/anti-medicine debates
– Do Not give unsolicited medical advice, Speak from lived experience only. That is the nature of Peer Support!
– Repeat offenders will be muted or banned

See GUIDE ONE for more information: https://www.facebook.com/…/WeHaveADHD/learning_content/…

See GUIDE FOUR for our policy on misinformation and ADHD advocacy in this community space:


No anti-science/anti-medicine debates, thank you. Do not give unsolicited medical advice, speak from lived experience only. Repeat offenders will be muted or banned.

Any information shared that is not from lived experience – such as a copy/pasted information requires citation.

We recognize that CBD is a popular topic – Modmin are neutral on this matter as the laws across the world in different countries are different.

Access to medication and types of therapy across the world vary – we appreciate that CBD and supplements are common types of self-medication. When discussing these topics please do not coerce others.

Share your experiences – but keep it on topic – is what I am sharing helping a potentially vulnerable person?

Please do not talk about substance abuse without a Content/Trigger Warning.

Self-medicating with weed, alcohol, micro-dosing LSD etc etc is not appropriate advice under any circumstances.

Any comments referring to Microdosing will be removed.



Keep it R16. No explicit posts. This includes any discussion promoting illegal drug use (See GUIDE ONE for more information).

– Dank memes and humour will be tolerated at the Modmins discretion

NOTE: Posts about “Unaliving” “Detailed Grief” “Pet Deaths” etc. will be declined as being outside the scope of ADHD peer support and maybe reported to Facebook


Keep it R16. No explicit posts. This includes any discussion promoting illegal drug use.
Dank memes and humour will be tolerated at the modmins discretion.

No explicit content or content that violates copyright or intellectual property rights.
Please do not post or engage in links or comments containing sexually explicit content material or illegal activity.
Please do not violate copyright or intellectual property rights or content that relates to confidential or proprietary business information.
Do not post any imagery relating to animal abuse or anything considered explicitly graphic or upsetting to more vulnerable members.
Use the THINK guideline.



– Give more than you take in this group. Respect the emotional labour of the Modmins and existing members
– Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed
– We do not allow MLM recommendations
– Do not link or promote others groups in our group
– External links must have context. “What did you learn from this link?”
– No polls, No surveys, No studies. No Exceptions..
– Please post memes or info directly into group instead of sharing into group

• Self promotion: Please feel free to share your ADHD related projects,
but no links to social media accounts, blogs, websites etc. Unless it is a modmin facilitated thread allowing so.

• Spam: Serial group invites is considered Spam, do not do it.
(please observe our keep it on topic rules)

Any solicitation in this group will not be tolerated. If found out, you will be instantly banned.
We grew this group organically – you can do it too.

We have ADHD is a mental health support group. We the Admin, take that seriously.
Mental health is serious. People deserve dignity and respect.

Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private.

Please bare in mind that members often find themselves in challenging and vulnerable situations and being part of this group requires mutual trust. What’s shared in the group stays in the group, participation and the information shared is strictly confidential. It is not appropriate to use information from this group in a work or personal setting.

If you have any concerns, please contact the admins or an appropriate agency (if there is a genuine risk concern).



ADHDers ONLY, this group is not for spectating
– Being part of this group requires mutual trust. What’s shared in group is to stay in the group
– Please do not share images of children or personal identifying information of people from outside the group
Do not take information from personal profiles and bring it to discussions
Do not DM other members or ask for DMs
– Anonymous posting is ON


Please do not collect private information without disclosure.

Screenshots will not be tolerated – if evidence of this is found please report to Modmin or the Jenn has ADHD page.
Members found to be sharing private details or conversations outside of the group will be reported to Facebook and instantly banned from We have ADHD and all affiliated social media accounts.

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. What’s shared in group is to stay in group.

Please don’t share images of children
or personal identifying information of people from outside the group. We know they are cute but it is inappropriate in this space. Thank you.



Please go to GUIDE TWO to find information about appropriate posts in this space. Or check the group rules to ensure it fits within the group’s rules. WE PRIORITIZE SUPPORT QUESTIONS FIRST!

Please Search the group first for existing labour. There is already 1000’s of threads and resources available within the group


Please check the GUIDES tab for threads about lived experiences with specific ADHD medications

See posting guidelines in GUIDE TWO:


No more Medication post submissions will be accepted.

We get hundreds of posts a day as we are now a large group.
There is also a lot of existing emotional labour within the group you can quickly search for using SEARCH.

We request you find existing threads to contribute to first before starting a new one.

If you are wanting to do a “follow up thread” based on a post you’ve already had accepted, please post your follow up on that thread or edit for consideration if the thread has been closed.

If a post doesn’t fit the nature/scope of the group or rules it will be declined.

Please SEARCH group or check GUIDES to avoid double up posts.

CHECK the GUIDES tab for existing threads like threads about different medications. Like Med Threads.
Some grey areas maybe allowed if the post has an intersecting medication question.

Multiple breaches may result in a mute or ban.

(( If not asking for support, or starting a discussion with a question, your post will most likely be redirected. ))



See GUIDE ONE for more information about accessibility

Caption images/Memes or they may be declined

Use TLDR! __Please Use PARAGRAPHS!__ Your post will be declined if you send in one long text block, Modmin team and Members do not want to read them

Do not use coloured/graphic backgrounds

Use more than 10 characters

No Caps, No strange abbreviations/word scrabble, English language only

See GUIDE ONE for more information: https://www.facebook.com/…/WeHaveADHD/learning_content/…

Do not use coloured/graphic backgrounds. The make it difficult for some people to read and scroll through. If you must have something eye catching, you are allowed to submit an image for tax as long as it’s captioned some how and accessible too. Thank You.

Do not use Modmin led thread hash tags in your post.
(For a list of modmin led threads you can find them in the guides tab or in the featured tab)



Do not Block Admins or Modmin, it will be an instant ban.

Do not post polls, external link, please check posting guidelines and rules before attempting to submit these posts otherwise they will be automatically declined.

Please do not discuss Marijuana. Please see the rules and posting guidelines. If you need more info please check announcements.


Content Warning / Trigger Warnings:

If you are worried that your post may be triggering for others, please use this format:







You may be asked to edit your post by admin or modmins. It is nothing personal, it is simply just about keeping our peers in mind.



Because we are a peer-led peer support group. We have a ‘no spoons’ policy.

This means that sometimes, we won’t have the ‘mental spoons’ to deal with a post, the commenting will be turned off till we can resolve it with all parties involved.

This is for the wellbeing of everyone’s mental health, including the moderator and administration team.

We think it’s the most respectful way to deal with an escalating situation. Everyone’s well being comes first, this also means that post removal and blocking is not taken lightly and if you simply cannot respect the culture of the group or the posting guidelines, the posts or comments will be removed and ultimately you will be banned.


Disciplinary Guide:

As per our No Spoons policy – Comments will be turned off on posts until the matter is resolved in private.

We are not in the business of public reprimand – we think that is humiliating and goes against the core values of this group.

You will be contacted by Modmin to discuss if needed. Please check your messenger. Failure to reply or acknowledge the Modmin team regarding a post or comment may result in disciplinary action, and ultimately a ban.

We do not owe anyone, anything, you are a guest here in this group. In the interest of the mental well being of our Modmin team and group members, we will be putting their well being first. We acknowledge that living with ADHD means that we can be reactionary, sensitive, impulsive and sometimes misunderstood or misread people’s words and intent – we try to keep this in the forefront of all our decisions.

We acknowledge that ADHD is an explanation for some people’s behaviours, but it is no excuse.

Please accept you may be held accountable and disciplined if rules are broken. It is not a bias attack from Modmin team, our priority is looking after everyone in the group, we are happy to let 1 person go if it means the rest of us can go on without any drama.

We also appreciate the emotional labour that goes into some problematic posts and comments.

In these cases, comments will be turned off with a note from Admin. We do not want to delete these threads –

but if they are reported enough by other members, deleting threads are often the only option as it is about everyone in the group not a few individuals.

Please respect those decisions.

Please be advised that depending on the severity & frequency of your following actions, in cases if you:

– don’t follow the Groups’ rules

– break rules regardless if you do it unintentionally (e.g. you didn’t read the rules) or intentionally (you did it several times) at the discretion of the Groups’ admins/moderators are the following possible actions (without obligatory sending warnings to members before or after taking following actions), with the clear pointer which Groups’ rule(s) were broken:

all your posts/comments can be deleted, or/and

your posts can be put in approval status, or/and

you can be “muted” for some time, or/and

you can be removed from the Group(s), or/and

you can be banned from that group


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