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This could probably be more successful as a Tumblr post but here we are. I was in a bit of a rabbit hole today as I was looking at some new music videos. Then the recommendations took me on a journey. I also added a few links that got on my radar this month, hopefully any of these links will be a boredom buster for you or me being able to share in some of my interests at least.

I hope this doesn’t come across as too much of a lazy blog type post while I am on holiday but I do promise I put some thought into all the links here and hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Warning flashing graphics, All links and videos explore explicit and complicated themes, trigger warnings that content may not be suitable for some people.

A Yeule Hole – “Yeule (stylised as yeule) is the musical project of Singaporean songwriter and producer Nat Ćmiel (born Natasha Yelin Chang) based in London. Formed in 2012, it incorporates elements of ambient, glitch and Asian post-pop. The name Yeule is derived from the Final Fantasy character of the same name (spelled differently), as well as their middle name.” – Wikipedia

The Bee and PuppyCat Fishbowl, classic – In October 2020, it was announced that the show’s second season is scheduled for a release sometime in 2022 on Netflix

Scream into the void, it’s what I do….

One of the best lives I have seen of a band. Highly recommend!

Bardcore – just spend some time to listen to everything they have done, it’s so good!

Recently came across this website which tickled some itches for when I move into a new space some time hopefully in the very near future.

Support Local

Powerful Blondes


Bjork talking Art

Fake food that makes you want to eat it
Play The Oregon Trail online

Minecraft but IRL


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