Netflix Christmas movies for buffering or staring at your phone, 2021

Also check out the Bojack Horseman special episode!

It’s that time of the year, and my executive function is running low and it’s still November. So I thought I might decompress with some movies that I don’t have to “think to hard” on, get easy dopamine hits and some holiday spirit in there too. So I thought, Christmas movies on Netflix must have some watches right? If you have a hard time picking,
I made a list of what I have already seen and can vouch for their ability to be up to the task of allowing me to buffer or stare at my phone while having something festive on in the background.




This Christmas Rom-Com starts with an attempt to knock all the traditional Romance Christmas Movie cliches, while closing off like one. I had a lot of fun watching this and it actually kept my attention, I even skipped backwards to re-watch scenes!

Shrek the Halls


Ever thought you needed closure because you hadn’t seen _all_ the Shrek movies?
Well now’s the chance. Shrek has his first family Christmas and in his usual fashion he has a lot to learn. Featuring a line up and appearances of all the past favourite characters from the other movies, a lot of inside jokes and ridiculous banter got my attention a couple of times while doing my online Christmas shopping. Almost an hour of nonsense, enjoy.

Last Christmas


The feel good make ya cry movie of the list (well one of the bigger ones).
Starring Emilia Clarke in a non-serious role was a nice switch up from what I know her for. And the aesthetic was something that caught my attention too. It’s also a must watch for any George Michael fan.

The Knight before Christmas


Probably one of the sillier plot lines in the line up on Netflix, the title should be a give away for what actually happens. A knight somehow time travels to the future for this romantic Christmas movie. Great for in the background or even a serious watch.



By far one of the best Christmas movies for the whole family, with a serious message.
If you have not seen it yet, this one hooked me from the start. Beautiful animation and a wonderful spin on the whole Santa Claus story.


Sugar Rush Christmas


A reality TV series about baking with a Christmas theme. Each episode features 3 challenges that contestants are judged on with a sweet cash prize of $10,000
A bit of fun and maybe even inspire you to get into the kitchen to bake some Christmas goodies.

Holiday home makeover with Mr. Christmas


Another reality TV series about home decoration for Christmas but going all out. Mr. Christmas helps people each episode how to make the most of the festive season. Inspiring this made me want to get out my Christmas tree or make my own Christmas decorations while watching this show.

UPCOMING: As of the date this blog was published there is a couple of new Netflix Christmas themed movies and shows that I have as reminders.

Elves, Christmas with a horror element?

Christmas Flow, Upping record sales with a one hit wonder?

Blown Away – Christmas, Christmas themed glass blowing, yes please?!


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