We have ADHD Modmin Application

Hello potential Modmin Candidate! Thanks for coming to apply to join the Modmin team of We Have ADHD facebook group.

We have tried to make this process as ADHD friendly as possible, so here’s a few quick bullet points about what being a Modmin requires and how Admin support Modmin moderate.

  • Firstly, we appreciate your time and mental stamina to volunteer! This is respected by our “Low Spoon Policy” for Modmin. We know not every day is an easy day, so our team is “somewhat” larger than a typical team. The reason for this is to allow everyone the ability to not have to deal with potentially heavy topic alone, (being the nature of the group is based in mental health) and we all know what it is like to live with ADHD and what it takes to navigate that also. This way we share the work load.
  • Each moderator is expected to give a minimum of an hour a week. Spread over 7 days this is not much time at all.

  • We have an entire private group of resources and guides to also make this a simple process. With canned responses and basic guides to help deal with most situations that come up.

  • We also have an active moderating chat for this so having Messenger is a requirement. In that chat if there is ever anything in group that might need more than 1 person to look over, we can support each other in there. But it is also a requirement to check in there especially before moderating in case other Modmin are actively dealing with a thread or member etc in group already.

  • We have ADHD is a peer led intersectional peer based support group but is also a science based group. It is important that all Modmin are on the same page regarding what this means. It is important to the groups culture. We are supportive of the neurodiversity movement. And some basic knowledge in this would be very useful as it guides a lot of our decisions, but the science does too. The social aspects of life with ADHD is important and we pride ourselves on being not like other ADHD groups on Facebook by keeping this in mind. It allows us to be more supportive of how ADHD is going to look different for everyone who has it.

    A lot of what is written here is in the posting guidelines, it is a requirement that you are familiar with these stances and that you support them. This includes our stances on terms like RSD, Object Permanence, Cannabis use/Self medicating, Arm-chairing and so on. These are ethical boundaries we must abide by, it is for members safety that we do not cross the boundary of what is Peer Support and Clinical advice.

  • If you got this far then you’ve passed the reading challenge. There’s a lot of reading to be done with this, English being your first language is a bonus, but because we are looking for Modmin from all over the world, it’s OK if it is not, but because of some of the deeper nuance that comes with support it would definitely be easier on the whole team if you have fairly good English.

  • Please refresh on these before applying:

  • PLEASE give a few word responses in the form below, please do not be overwhelmed by the form, you can give one word answers where applicable.


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