My Dice methods for ADHD

Hi everyone. Not a new idea here but my own version of how I made this work for me. The dice method can be used with any type of dice. The more sides it has the more task options you’ll have.

My version of this is you write a list of tasks and the number of tasks you do is based on how many sides there are, or how many tasks you want to do in a day from a large list is determined by how many sides there are.

So I could use an Icosahedron. Write 20 tasks down. Whatever number I roll is the task I will do. If I roll same number twice I get to randomly choose another number or roll.

Or alternatively, I could have a list if 10 things and what I do in 1 day, say I use the Tetrahedron dice. So I will complete 4 tasks randomly from my list of 10.

This can be a fun way of taking on tasks and making decisions on what to action next.

If you don’t have dice there are virtual dice or random calculators you can use. It doesn’t have to be dice, it’s just a simple way to make this method accessible.

You can add role-play elements to this of course. Every time you action a task you level up a character. Be it yourself or made up, there are so many ways you can make completing tasks this way really fun.

Dice can also be used as a form of timer as the roll determining how long you do a task for.

Another method is called ‘slice and dice’ the idea is to break down tasks and then roll dice to see how long you spend on each part. Or again you can roll which part of the task you will do.

Dice colours could also represent different tasks for different people. It can be a household activity to roll dice on certain tasks. Let luck and fortune decide who is doing the dishes tonight.

You can gamify tasks in many ways, you can also gamify rewards. Roll the dice to determine a reward for a task, this way it keeps it exciting to what you might get for your work.

Example of my list of housework that I use this method for sometimes.

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Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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