50 Schitt’s Creek gifs that describe my ADHD perfectly

I was browsing through Giphy looking at mental health Gifs and thought I would just for fun curate a ton of Schitt’s Creek related ADHD related gifs I found in one place for others and myself to enjoy! If you haven’t seen Schitt’s Creek yet, I highly recommend it. I watched on Netflix and it really helped get me through a tough time earlier this year. The characters are highly relatable in a Neurodivergent head canon way. Or I felt that way about it at least, feel free to disagree with me. I found myself not laughing at awkward moments to be honest, I was cringing too as I felt attacked often hahah. But in a good way.
I hope you get some laughs from these gifs as much as I did reminiscing over the show.

Sources are linked to each gif.

  1. Freezing up when asked to recall literally anything, no matter how well you know it.

2. A great sense of fairness:

3. Boredom be real:

4. Some mornings can leave me alone thanks.

5. My ADHD brain: I do what I want

6. My mouth running faster than my brain sometimes:

7. Getting the important stuff done first:

8. A bit of “catastrophisizing”

9. I don’t know what that means

10. Finding new hyperfixations like:

11. I’m subtly animated

12. Me too..

13. Trying not to be a perfectionist

14. Trying to be fair again, in a non confrontational way:

15. Burst of feelings at any given moment:

16. What?

17. My midnight project tonight is:

18. My logic makes perfect sense, right?

19. Me trying to Neurotypical like:

20. But I’m not actually sure… at all

21. But I don’t get it… at all

22. Dishing out sage advice

23. Ahhh TMI!

24. If I didn’t question everything I wouldn’t learn right?

25. Ohh something new and interesting?

26. I’m listening…..

27. Not letting others help me when I am struggling like:

28. Solving the worlds problems

29. Freaking out I don’t have enough time

30. I have a terrible sense of time

31. Me making up words because I forget them all the time

32. Distracted easily

33. Mood

34. Bursting into song

35. Always forgetting stuff

36. Every day is like ground hog day or something

37. Making accountability statements to friends like:

38. Did I?

39. Hard to find work to suit my ADHD

40. Unsure how to read a situation like:

41. Another night with disrupted sleep

42. Overthinking like:

43: Regrets, I have them

44. Just vibing

45. How I also deal with my life

46. People pleasing like:

47. I need like a personal assistant robot

48. I’m determined to do things my own way

49. Ew, paperwork!

50. And everywhere

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