20 things I stopped buying/doing to help minimize my brain clutter

  1. Stop buying special/extra skin care products – simplify your skin routine, face wipe or a cleanser, 1 moisturizer. If you have medical needs try declutter other products, get rid of empty containers, don’t buy new shampoo or conditioner till you finish what you have. Don’t stock up.

2. Cook books / Books – You can google most recipes. Many books are available online. Try an audio book. If you need a book see if you can get it from the library first.

3. Electronic devices for everything – Is there a way that certain devices can be all in your phone, you can declutter them but using your phone instead. Get rid of old devices and all it’s accessories and boxes.

4. Uncomfortable Shoes / Old shoes – They just take up space, I never use them, I have too many sensory needs to bother with uncomfortable shoes just for an occasion.

5. Holiday Decorations – I keep these to a minimum. Special ornaments that come out seasonally versus decorating the entire house. Spend that money or time on going to seasonal events instead.

6. Exercise clothes – Get rid of old exercise clothes, you can downsize what you need for these by instead recycling old jumpers and pants etc. I only have a couple of tights and 1 or 2 weather appropriate gear.

7. Costume jewelry – I never wear them, they just look cool. It means I wear my actual jewelry more often.

8. Novelty decor – They just collect dust and then I have to clean them

9. Apps or phone games – I am too tempted to spend money on them or to sink time in them that is unproductive. I minimize the type of apps I have and what value do they give me instead, for example, I pay for Spotify because I use it almost daily.

10. Kitchen Appliances – When was the last time you used it, will you ever use it. Time to let it go.

11. Candles & Scented items – Burn them or gift them on. They just take up extra space, they are made to be used.

12. Souvenirs – Photos are really enough. I always feel like it’s the done thing to buy stuff but you can always pay for more experiences. Eat nicer food.

13. Bottled Water – I have several drink bottles instead and a couple of jugs of water in the fridge at all times.

14. Notebooks & Stationary – You already have enough paper in your house you don’t need another special type of book to write a list that you won’t do in anyway.

15. Sugared Drinks – Does nothing good for your health, drinking more water will be good for your brain and cost you less.

16. Boxes – You don’t need boxes for rainy days, get boxes when you need them.

17. Sale items – Don’t let the temptation of a good deal be the reason to buy something.

18. Just in case items – One day means never.

19. Organizers – Discard before you file, there is not much you need to file. Put keep sakes into a memory box. The rest doesn’t need to be in your house.

20. Alcohol – Wine or Beer for the weekend or a special occasion or surprise guest, buy it at the time, storing it takes up space and leds to temptation to spend extra on it or to drink it when it is not a luxury we can afford later


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