How to create a comfort space for your mental health

A comfort space is a place where you can go to decrease stress and escape from sensory ‘bombardments’. The idea is to go to your comfort space to make a concious effort to calm down and regain self-control if you are anxious or overwhelmed. You can use this space also to prepare for events ahead of time, or to recover from them.

Ways to use a comfort space:
– following any major disruption or stressful event
– planned times in the morning, afternoon and evening
– before and after an unexpected event, outing or appointment
– after returning home from work, school, holiday
– time for deep breathing and meditation
– just time out for you as a mental retreat

Appropriate spaces:
– a small room
– cosy area of bedroom, kitchen or living room
– corner of a room near a window
– your bed

Furniture: (you could use these as your comfort space or in your comfort space)
– rocking chair
– bean bag
– floor pillow
– yoga mat
– weighted blanket
– arm chair
– lamp
– fairy lights
– black out curtains
– screen/room divider

Items for calming:
Auditory – music player, guided meditation, chimes
Visual – art, books with beautiful pictures, plants
Oral – gum, mints, herbal tea, crisp fresh fruit or vegetables
Smell – hand cream, candles, pot pourri
Touch – fidget toys, weighted blankets, support animal
Vestibular – rocking chair, swiss ball


Published by Jenn has ADHD

Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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