ADHD Mindfulness tea-drinking exercise for pause and relaxation

This is a quick and easy exercise you can remember when you might need 5 minutes time out or are feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be tea but it’s great for sensory modulation because of the combination of temperature, flavours, smells and texture.

Tea-Drinking meditation:

☕ Brew some tea!

☕ Find a place to be comfortable and take in a deep breath or two.

☕ Mentally prepare yourself to be mindful for what you are about to drink.

☕ Deliberately reach out your hand to pick up the cup.

☕ Before taking a sip, look at the tea and take in the aromas.

☕ When you take a sip, take your time to notice the layers of flavour on your palate.

☕ Swallow when you are ready, notice the feeling of the tea moving down through your body.

☕ Slowly and deliberately place the tea cup back on the saucer.

☕ Notice the moment the tasting has ended and how still your mind is.

☕ Allow your mind to recognize other thoughts returning.

☕ Release those thoughts to bring your focus back to the tea drinking.

☕ Repeat ritual until you have finished your tea.


Published by Jenn has ADHD

Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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