How to create your ADHD cure for boredom Manifesto

What is a “ADHD cure for boredom Manifesto“? It’s an ever evolving list of anything and everything that makes you happy, gets you out of a funk, old hyper focuses, what drives you, what makes you feel good and positive coping mechanisms. It’s all about the smile on the dial and remembering those good times. You can apply this to anything. It is like a pros and cons list, except there is no cons. Only the good stuff gets mentioned in this Manifesto. Its great way to look back and reflect, and the whole point is to make you happy! And I’m going to share mine as an example:

  • Playing my all time favourite song, singing it at the top of my lungs.
  • Giving a sincere compliment or comment on social media to a stranger that needs the emotional boost as much as I do!
  • Walking in my favourite weather, a dry winter day with sunshine.
  • Finally finishing a project I’ve had on the back burner and the satisfaction that brings.
  • The smell of freshly brewed coffee!
  • Feeling great walking out of the gym after a work out!
  • Creating lists like this one and self reflecting on positive things!
  • Vanilla soap.
  • Looking at the giant bowl full of crystals, fossils and other shiny objects sitting on the middle of my coffee table.
  • The view of the tree’s from my studio.
  • Trying on op shop clothing and having fun with it. Even if I look ridiculous and taking selfies so I can remember the moment – especially if I don’t buy anything.
  • Watching smoothies blend and then drinking them!
  • Doodling while listening to horror and true crime pod casts!
  • Checking in with loved ones and making sure they know I am thinking of them.
  • Seeing a certain view of something for the first time and being mesmerized in its beauty.
  • Spooning with a special someone ❤
  • Learning something new and really interesting about something I am passionate about.
  • Taking spontaneous photos of anything!
  • Being cool, calm and collected when appropriate and knowing I pulled it off this time.
  • Painting with my fingers.
  • Rearranging furniture in my room to give it a fresh feel.
  • Discovering a new song and playing it on loop for the next year.
  • Receiving compliments on my art!
  • Watching my cat do his thing.
  • Finding spare change, I hid or forgot about from awhile ago.
  • Long hot baths or soaking my feet!
  • Baking cakes!
  • The feeling of a brand new fluffy item of clothing, like slippers etc.
  • Being awake early enough to see the sunrise – hopefully after a goodnight of sleep.
  • Attending a new exhibition at an art gallery!
  • Getting excited about what I am cooking, knowing it will taste awesome!
  • Video game arcades.
  • Jumping on a trampoline!
  • Making friends with someone new and finding out they have ADHD too!
  • Dying my hair.
  • Creating new play lists for road trips or holidays or events.
  • Trying something new, that I thought would be scary and loving it!
  • Cherry blossoms.
  • Finding snacks that I have never tried before.
  • Wellness walks!
  • Discovering a new hyper focus that is good for me and accommodates my ADHD.
  • Drawing.
  • Checking off something on my to-do list that was particularly difficult.
  • Finding a new manga to read online.
  • Binge watching Netflix or re watching a program for the 5th time and enjoying it as much as the first time I watched it!
  • Re-discovering old clothes and rocking them all over again.
  • Finding a new fidget toy that helps with my ADHD.
  • Finishing a build in Minecraft!
  • Finding a book that sees me all the way to the end.
  • Jigsaw puzzles and board games.
  • The sunlight filtering through the trees and walking underneath them.
  • Laying in bed on my laptop writing blog posts!

Published by Jenn has ADHD

Jenn Parker, New Zealand. ADHD Advocate and Peer.

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