Wholesome mental health comic artists to follow on social media

While hunting, harvesting and creating memes to share on my Facebook page I keep stumbling upon some of the most amazing artists, not only are they positive and uplifting media to consume, but they are so on point and often articulate life with mental health in a way only comics can

I have to admit I find a lot of media available online rather triggering even when the intent is from a good place, so I highly recommend following these artists to curate a happier news feed that will put a smile on your face and validate your feelings and experiences!

The latest kate – One day while surfing through the ‘Bored Panda’ website, I happened upon an article about an artist who nailed Mindfulness methods in a well articulated comic. From there ensued a like frenzy of all the cute and relatable mental health pictures Kate has on their social media. Kate also has a couple of published illustrated books which look like something I may have to invest in at some point and a redbubble shop with all their art on stickers, phone cases, wall art etc!

You can follow Kate on the following social media platforms: Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Image credit: thelatestkate

Crazyheadcomics by Matilda – Instagram artist Matilda has a dedicated account of positivity and musings around mental health. Uplifting and cute images that shed the lighter side of living with anxiety, depression or any mental health disorder, reminding ourselves to laugh a little at our short comings and see the flip side instead of dwelling on the negative.

You can follower Matilda on the following social media platforms: Instagram, Patreon

Image credit: Crazyheadcomics

Makedaisychains by Hannah Daisy – Mental health imagery, comics and illustrations with a feminist touch. Hannah has some very gender, race and sexuality positive mental health memes for every person no matter how you identify.

You can follow Hannah on the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Patreon

Image credit: Hannah Daisy

Gemma Correll – The artist behind the infamous map of procrastination meme has some very chuckle worthy, on point and insightful comics about the human condition. Aside from Gemma’s social media platforms, Gemma also has an extensive website and online portfolio where you can look at all the products they have to offer, illustrated books, comics, merchandise and so forth.

You can follow Gemma on the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook

Image credit: Gemma Correll

ADHDDD by Dani Donovan – Dani is changing the way people view ADHD, fighting the good fight of promoting understanding, awareness and validating those living with the condition. You probably have seen Dani’s comics and illustrations floating around the internet. As a fellow ADHDer I really respect what Dani is doing and how accurately Dani articulates life with the disorder.

You can follow Dani on the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Patreon

Image credit: ADHDDD

Chuck draws things – Chuck is an illustrator who talks about mental health, specifically anxiety and depression through a comic about pigeons. Chuck explains: “Why pigeons? I just think they’re funny and a good representation of an underdog figure.” And I can agree!

You can follow Chuck on the following social media platforms: Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook

Image credit: Chuck draws things

ADHD Alien by Pina – Pina has blown up in recent months, you’ve probably seen their comics shared all over ADHD support pages. I was super impressed coming across this persons art and the way they made a comic talking about their lived experiences with being undiagnosed, receiving their diagnosis and how they turned that into a job by illustrating this entire process and what it is like to live day by day with the disorder.

You can follow Pina on the following social media platforms: Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon

Image credit: ADHD-Alien


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