ADHD peers #issue 1: Chris Shopland

It’s ADHD Awareness month and I wanted to use the power of my platform to promote other ADHD peers. I want people to see what us ADHDers get up to and how we are really just like everyone else but with extra challenges to work through.

– Extempore Art

Hi, I’m Chris and I am an artist from Bristol, UK. I go under the name ‘Extempore Art’ which means unplanned or with little preparation in latin. I create intuitive, (mostly) unplanned, usually emotionally driven embodied art – which is an extension of myself. I also have ADHD. I only found out last year, but it made sense and has been the answer to why my life, was my life, up till this point.

While I don’t tend to stick to one subject or medium and often change subject, using whatever the idea requires. There are a few natural recurring themes and I often stick to acrylic. My style is quite expressive, acrylic lends itself well to this. I will cover up mistakes, scrape it off, add more, scrape it off and enjoy the texture and the nature of the paint as I go. Sometimes thinking “what would this subject be feeling right now?”. I then keep going until I’m happy with the end result. My process is not a conscious one anyway. That being said, I do have a toolkit of techniques I use and I have collected new ones over the years. I like to keep exploring new ways to create art.

I paint cosmos space figures to show our place in the universe, but also to explore what is is like to feel different growing up. I felt like an alien, not meant for this planet at times and misunderstood. While that has changed and I now understand myself much better being more confident in who I am, and interacting more easily with those around me (connecting better to others), I still feel different at times.

I paint wolves for their mystery and grace, versus their aggressive nature. I like this contradiction. Also for their need to find a new pack and be a lone wolf for a while. There is a lot of spirituality around them with their love of the moon. They also just look majestic and wonderful to try and paint. My style being stylised, I often call them my warped wolves. I hope to create more of the warped wolves for a series. I haven’t thought what to call my three larger wolves yet, they are less warped and more wolf like.

I am still early in my art career. I may have only sold a small amount but I have begun to be invited and accepted at more events such as art battles and Upfest street art festival (I would be using acrylics rather than spray paint). While I wasn’t able to paint at Upfest this year due to social distancing, it will be a real celebration of art and life when it can be rescheduled.

I also took part in an interview “Artist conversation” with Rickylee from the Hansway collective during lock down. It was my first experience of an Instagram live. I was so nervous! Since then I have had another Instagram live on my own feed and started a Youtube channel. It is all new and I am still learning what makes a good video. I am however enjoying this new way to show myself as an artist.

I believe art can change the world. I am always open to opportunities that allow my art to go beyond a nice image on the wall; and it to truly mean something to someone or many people. I am proud to be a part of the ADHD community, although I am still finding it difficult to talk about my ADHD on art feeds. I would like to thank Jenn for this opportunity, and anyone can feel free to message me if they have any questions.

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