The best ADHD self-assessment links on the internet (2020)

Do you think you might have ADHD? Or you already have it and you are just here for reaffirmation? Or are you just simply curious?

If so, I know it can be a bit confusing or even hard to trust what we find or see on the internet, especially when it comes to big questions like “Do I have a neurodivergent brain?”. I also often see comments on my ADHD Facebook and support group asking about online sites to self-assess. So I have taken some time out to do some research, cross-check the website for science and medical facts and ensure the information you are about to read about Adult ADHD (and in general) is correct and helpful.

Quick disclaimer, the information on these websites are not views of my own and may change over time. A self-assessment however is not a replacement for a professional diagnosis – I think it is great to self-identify with ADHD, it can be very validating. But I do encourage to seek professional help through your GP or psychologist. A formal diagnosis does have it’s benefits of opening up access to therapy, medication and other services that you may not have access to before hand. You deserve the best for you and your mental health!

CHADD – Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
The CHADD website is probably be my first pit stop recommendation for anyone who wants just straight up, current and accurate facts. The resources on this site are probably some of the best available online. They have a page just for adult diagnosis, it has a link to a fact sheet you can print for future reference, it lists point for point everything you need to know about adult ADHD and it’s presentations.

Additude magazine is a great resource for ADHD in general, many peer written articles, ADHD coaches, psychiatrists and specialists have all contributed to the wealth of information on this site.
It also has a quick 6 questions self-test survey you can take. It can be a useful resource especially when talking about suspected ADHD with a GP, you can refer them to this site or page, or even show them a screen cap of your results.

ADDA – Attention deficit disorder association
This website has an option for a online test (not yet available) and a paper test. The paper test is useful for print out because it is quite detailed and may be great information to take to see your medical professional so they can see your understanding of your self-report.

Rick Green is one of the poster faces for adult ADHD. He has an amazing website dedicated completely to being a reliable resource of information about ADHD. There is also a quiz available on the website you can take to find out if you have ADHD.

Dr. Russell A. Barkley
Dr. Barkley, is easily, the worlds most renowned expert in ADHD. Not only has he written many useful and helpful books about ADHD management, he also has a lot of free resources on his page, including a fact sheet which you can review for self-assessment. The best way to manage ADHD is to know what it is, it’s ways of presentation and how it presents in you.


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