Art @jennhasADHD

My comics, drawings, doodles, art and memes signed as @JennhasADHD is all related to my lived experience as a person living with ADHD. All my life I have been trying hard to portray to others how to understand my ADHD especially because it is so stigmatized. Especially the medication I take. But I need it for my wellness and so I like to advocate for my life with ADHD and how it can very much be a disability as well as an integral part of my identity. And the funnest and best way I have found to communicate this is with Memes and comics that I have hand drawn about my experiences and memories. Which I hope will educate and fight the stigma and maybe also help my peers be able to articulate or understand their ADHD better too.

For more of my content please visit my Instagram or my Facebook page. Thanks and enjoy!

The following are memes and art by meme source image rights belong to respective creators otherwise intellectual input is created by me and articulated from my lived experience with ADHD. Any commonality to viral memes may be intentional or coincidental or plagiarism of my art if their is any concerns or you would like to have copies of my memes please e-mail me at:

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